With the Coronavirus looming and advice to self-isolate or follow social-distancing practices, we understand that you may not wish to attend your Pilates class or Physiotherapy appointment at this time. However, with exercise and movement being so crucial for both your physical and mental wellness, we do not want your health to suffer as a result of having to stay at home!

To make sure we are doing our best to look after all of our patients during this outbreak, we are pleased to announce that we can now offer virtual Physiotherapy assessments and Pilates classes through our secure video-link platform.


We will be offering all eligible patients the option to access their Physiotherapist via our new tele-health service which is supported by most Medical Health Insurers. This service gives you real-time advice, ongoing support and prescribed exercises to allow you to be assessed and continue your treatment at home.

Our virtual treatment rooms are accessible via a personal, encrypted link to ensure that they are safe, secure and totally private. By connecting through video, our Physiotherapists will be able to complete your assessment and treatment to keep you on your path to wellness.

Pilates & Fitness Classes:

Our new video platform will allow you to join your regular Pilates or Fitness class from the safety of your own home, seeing your instructor for a guided exercise session as well as your fellow classmates for a real ‘group’ feel.

For more information, Call Ashby or Greystone Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinics on;

Ashby Clinic - 01530 411 624
Greystone Clinic - 01283 224 669